Instant Pot Beef Short Ribs

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Instant Pot Beef Short Ribs
Serves 4-6 people
Instant pot
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I’ve loved short ribs since first eating them in New York a few years back. They’ve always felt slightly intimidating to make but if you don’t have a pressure cooker, then low and slow is the key and you can’t go too far wrong.

I invested in an instant pot having read lots of amazing reviews online and I’ve got to say, I can totally see what all the fuss is about. I am not paid to endorse them by the way, I just genuinely love shouting about appliances that make my life easier and my food taste better. From start to finish, this recipe takes an hour, and that included making mashed potato and some veg on the side. I normally try a recipe once as it is and then make my own changes to suit. This recipe was perfect so full credit to Amy and Jacky from where I discovered it.

It would work just as well on a stovetop in a casserole dish; you’d just need to allow around 3-4 hours to get the same fall off the bone effect. In the meantime, adapt to suit and if you don’t have an instant pot/slow cooker or pressure cooker, follow the same principle and cook in an oven, I’ve included the modifications below.

Enjoy x



  1. Brown Short Ribs in the Instant Pot (or cast iron pan) Heat up Instant Pot using Sauté More. Wait until it says HOT (prevents short ribs from sticking to the pot).
  2. Add 1 tbsp olive oil to the Instant Pot (or pan). Season one side of the ribs generously with salt and black pepper. Add in 5 pieces of short ribs, then brown each side for 4 minutes. While one side is browning, season the other side with more salt and black pepper.
  3. Set aside the browned short ribs to a plate. Add in sliced onions, and saute until softened, takes around 3 minutes.
  4. Add the garlic and saute for a few seconds before adding the rest of the vegetables, bay leaves and thyme. Saute for a further 3 minutes.
  5. Add the wine to the pot (pan) to deglaze, scraping up all the lovely brown bits.
  6. Allow the wine to simmer for a few minutes to cook off the alcohol.
  7. Add the balsamic, fish, soy sauce, sugar and chicken stock to the pot and then add back in the beef ribs along with any juice that's collected on the plate.
  8. Pressure cook on high for 45 minutes and then do a natural release for 15 minutes. If cooking in a cast iron dish, transfer to a pre-heated oven 160, and cook for around 3 - 4 hours until the ribs are falling off the bone.
  9. When the cooking time is up, carefully remove the short ribs and set aside.
  10. To thicken the sauce: turn up the heat in the pot and mix the cornflour and water together to make a paste.
  11. Gradually add to the sauce and stir until thickened.
  12. Check the sauce for seasoning and then add the beef ribs back in and coat in the sauce.
  13. Serve over a large mound of buttery mashed potatoes and some veg on the side.