The Launch of my top 25 Recipes with Samsung UK to get Kids Cooking

I’m thrilled to be working with Samsung UK to launch their new Family HubTM Refrigerator, which provides new ways to shop for, cook and manage food as well as helping to plan family life with its unique exterior screen, all designed to act as a family’s digital command centre.

As part of the campaign I was asked to produce a digital recipe book to encourage kids to get cooking. A generation ago, kids up the age of 11 could cook 6 recipes; it’s now just 4. I’ve come up with the top 25 recipes that parents believe kids by the age of 11 can cook (with some supervision of course!)


I feel really passionately about encouraging my own children to think more about how much time, energy and money is spent putting a plate of food in front of them and there is nothing more disheartening to see that food being pushed around with a fork before it’s final resting place – the bin.

By teaching your children to cook; you not only teach them a very important life skill from an early age, but also get to spend quality time with them over something that can be made fun and interesting.


You can download the free digital recipe book at and please leave a comment if you manage to get your kids cooking!